DPW to Provide Free Recycling Carts to All City Households

On February 12th , Mayor Brandon M. Scott announced that Baltimore City, in collaboration with The Recycling Partnership and the Baltimore Civic Fund, will distribute free recycling carts to every eligible City household this spring, implementing a key recommendation in the City’s Less Waste, Better Baltimore Plan. This Initiative ensures that all City neighborhoods can participate in the City’s recycling program. This collaboration is being funded by a $9 million public-private partnership, including a $3 million grant from The Recycling Partnership. For more information click here.

Know What to Throw in Your Recycling Container

Know what to throw in the recycling container. Residents can get tips on what is and is not accepted in curbside recycling by visiting DPW’s Recycling Right web-based tool: https://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/recycle-right

Sepa que arrojar cuando visite un centro de recolección de reciclaje de DPW

Sepa qué tirar en el contenedor de reciclaje. Los residentes pueden obtener consejos sobre lo que se acepta y lo que no se acepta en el reciclaje en la acera visitando la herramienta web Recycling Right de DPW: https://publicworks.baltimorecity.gov/recycle-right

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