Get Ready for Waste and Recycling Workers Appreciation Week- June 14-20

Join us in thanking the women and men who work daily to keep our neighborhoods and streets clean!

This past year has been very difficult for Baltimore City Department of Public Works (DPW) sanitation workers. Nevertheless, these workers persevered, working through ransomware, the COVID-19 pandemic, and inclement weather, continuing to pick up and dispose of our waste. More residents have been working from home this past year, resulting in more waste and recycling being produced at home for sanitation workers to collect. Residents’ patience is appreciated as residential trash and recycling tonnage collected has increased significantly. As temperatures continue to climb, feel free to show your gratitude with an offer of a cold bottle of water to these workers. But as always, taking the time to simply say “Thank you for your service” will go a long way. 

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